Every journey starts with the first step

What would it be like if you could finally take the steps towards the life you long for? I want to give you the tools to find the balance between heart and head; between feeling good and functioning well. Both at work and in the private sphere. You learn to take distance, so that you will gain insight into your own behavioural patterns. Recognizing and acknowledging these will help you to start living from your own strength.

Monique Rosier

Who am I?

You put your story in good hands with me, Monique Rosier. Since 2007, I have been guiding clients with requests for help in the field of relationships, family, work, loss and grief. It is my passion to work with people and relationships, help improve communication and support in gaining more understanding and insight.

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What can I help with?


Partner or parent... No relationship keeps going well on its own. The key? Learn to communicate in a connecting way.


Happy Couple Intensive

A two-day, intensive process for busy couples. Learn to appreciate
each other again from a new perspective.


I can help with requests for help such as stress and tension, depression and grief.


Guidance of employees, managers and directors in leadership development and burn-out/ bore out complaints.

How do I proceed?

During the intake interview you will discover whether you are in the right place with me with your request for help. Is there a match? Then we proceed to the intake to determine the final request for help and to discuss a treatment plan. We then work together towards the intended result.

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English speaking therapist with client

What clients say

thankfully, things are moving forward. I would still like to meet with you because I thought the sessions were extremely helpful.

How nice these online sessions. I am glad that you could still make time for me when I was in Maastricht for the summer. Now that I'm back in Tokyo and I can stay in touch with you online, I feel more at ease and relaxed to keep taking on the challenges ahead.

"our 6-year-old child has not been sleeping in our bed anymore since the training. We watched him playing in the garden yesterday and he was singing! He now comes to our room at 630 in the morning, we can't tell you how happy we are. " Happy parents, happy children....

How nice that I got to know you in Maastricht and then could continue working with you online when I moved to Aruba for work.

Taking part in Monique's Happy Couple Training is not only one of the best things I've done for my relationship, but it has also been one of the best things I've done for myself personally. The self-insight I gained thanks to Monique has been invaluable in helping me to build well-being personally, and between us as a couple. I recommend this training to anyone looking to grow personally and within their relationship.

"We both have very fond memories of our two days with you. Despite the emotional intensity (or maybe because of it?), we really feel that we made progress and felt hopeful that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Your summary really helped to bring that feeling back as well and we also had several laughs reading it again. Tears and laughter, what more can one hope for in a session like this?"

"I had a truly good experience with Monique. She made me feel at ease and I always felt comfortable at her sessions. I would strongly recommend her to everyone."


On this page you will find all information about my quality guarantees, further training, the complaints procedure and the privacy regulations.

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Costs and reimbursement

Curious about the costs, package options or the possibilities for reimbursement? Often there is also a
budget from the employer to reimburse guidance.

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Schedule a meeting

Time to meet up? Get in touch, don't wait too long. In a short introduction, we can both experience whether I can help you.

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