How does it work?

We start with a short introduction, so that we can discover together whether you are in the right place with me with your request for help. An introduction takes about half an hour. This can also be done by telephone or online. If we agree with each other, we schedule the intake. During the intake I get to know you better and listen to your story. We then determine the final request for help and discuss the treatment plan.

On request, for example, the following methods can be used:

  • Systemic work
  • Biographical works;
  • Awareness of subversive patterns and the so-called false beliefs through homework assignments and writing exercises;
  • Breathing and body awareness;
  • Nonviolent communication Rosenberg;
  • Connecting communication via ECT: encounter centered therapy.

For work-related issues, there are the following possibilities:

  • DISC test, an online survey that indicates behavioural styles and preferred behaviour;
  • Assertiveness training with role play training with an actor;
  • Presentation techniques with role play training with an actor;
  • Workshops in collaboration with my daughter and colleague Floor.

I want to give you the tools to find the balance between heart and head; between feeling good and functioning well. You are then able to be less influenced by your environment. You learn to take distance, so that you will gain insight into your own behavioural patterns. Recognizing and acknowledging these will help you to start living from your own strength.


On this page you will find all information about my quality guarantees, further training, the complaints procedure and the privacy regulations. Read more

Costs and reimbursement

Curious about the costs, package options or the possibilities for reimbursement? Often there is also a
budget from the employer to reimburse guidance. Read more


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Time to meet up? Get in touch, don't wait too long. In a short introduction, we can both experience whether I can help you.

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